Friday, November 24, 2006

Selling some Vodafone

Just sold equivalent of £13,600 of Vodafone, stock price currently 134p. (I sold the Mar '07 future at 136 in £100/penny).
I think that over th next year, the competition that Vodafone will be facing in the future will become more apparent, with ultimately free mobile telephony being available by routing calls over the internet.
And being a long-time Vodafone customer, I know how badly run a company this is! I like to think I am vaguely technology savvy, but getting email to work on your phone, or watching video clips, using the internet, and even understanding what 3G means is NOT explained or eploited by Vodafone at all! This company will be out-competed and out-priced by new and existing competitors eventually.
I plan to get the position to about 4 times this size, but lets use this as the initial entry point.
Market Cap:  £71bn
Dividend Yield: 2.87%
Next years EPS estimate:  11.6
Next years Net Debt: £19.2bn


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