Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sold EUR/GBP 1 week straddle to monetise my view...also a P+L update:

Just sold a straddle on EUR/GBP FX...expires 24-Feb (3pm UK time). I got
paid 17.1 on the Call and 24.3 on the Put, in £5 per point, so am
getting paid £207 in premium. The thought process behind this was that
at worst I either:

1) Get taken out of my long, which I put on at 68.51, above 69.00, or,
2) I double my position at effectively 68.20.

Since from 1) i will make a quick £250 from my trades, AND my GBP/USD
trades will be even more in the money, and from 2) I am happy to
increase my short against the Euro as the POUND is going DOWN!

Aside from that, just an update on YTD up £6,662 with
success from the short Cable position, the Short Sterling trade, BT
stock, and the 10y US Treasury short, and the loss-making trades have
been the DAX future (I KNEW it!) and GM stock...but I love that GM stock
trade, it will come good.

Good evening, and good trading. Please feel free to post comments on any
of my trades or any of your own!


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