Monday, January 01, 2007

End of year 2006

Final 2006 P+L. Yes, pretty disappointing, I set out the details of it in a recent post. Fought equities all year by being short. Going to do some long hard thinking going into the New Year.

Current open positions:
Short GBPUSD in FX.
Long Pipex (UK internet operator)
Short ExxonMobil
Short Washington Mutual
Short Vodafone (small size)
Short Copper
Long Dec '07 Eurodollar
Short S&P500
Long Jan and March Puts on S&P500 (1330 and 1350 strikes)
Long Jan and March Puts on the DOW (11,600 and 12,000 strikes)
Short Jan Call on DOW (12,000 strike)

Yes, I could do with a decent drop in equities over the next few weeks!

Thoughts on the market another day.


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