Monday, April 02, 2007

Buying some EBay, monopoly position should bring growth

Just bought about £20,000 of EBay, stock trading at $32.85 just now.
Was reading a blog earlier, and it was going through the rationale of Goldman who are tipping the stock, saying that it should easily see good growth for the next few years. EBay has such a stranglehold on the auction market, it will be very difficult for anyone else to break into (more users/content just encourages more users/content!). I also think that PayPal is an excellent long-term business and is here for the long-term, and Skype is just a bonus alongside the core EBay offering and PayPal. I've never used Skype, but internet telephony seems like it could be a decent business model as bandwidth speeds increase over the coming years.
I may look to increase my position here after a while, I like the long-term story.


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