Thursday, March 02, 2006

1 new trade, 2 closed trade...Equity index relative value, and closed Gold:

First trade, a short one...the £25 a point of Gold Jun '06 I'd bought at
557.75 just a few days ago, I've closed out by selling at 576.25...still
fundamentally like Gold, but lets pocket the £462.50 and see if we can
range trade it.

Secondly, following a big equity sell-off following the ECB rate hike
today (and subsequent hawkish comments from Trichet, the ECB governer),
I managed to get on the long DAX/short FTSE/short CAC I
mentioned before I think, I really believe Germany is entering a period
of growth and reform, whilst France sticks to protectionism and high
unemployment, and the UK increases taxes and red tape which will slow
the economy down.

I bought Jun '06 DAX at 5820 in £10 a point, sold Jun '06 FTSE at 5813
in £5 a point, and sold Mar '06 (they didn't have Jun '06) CAC @ 5006.5
in £5 a point. This will be a medium-term trade, unless I get greedy on
a quick move in my favour, and I am confident in it working.


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