Friday, September 15, 2006

Covered all my Oil short...

Having bought back half my Oil short the other day, I took the other
£10/cent off this evening...think the price was 63.00 exactly on the
NYMEX Oct '06 contract. Will post some P+L numbers in a few days, but my
total P+L between this and the other £10/cent short was about £16,000 I
think. Sweet. Think Crude still has long-term downside on slowing demand
from a slowing global (and especially US) economy, but let's try trading
it around a bit.

Will be looking to increase my Bunds short next week also.

And my equity individual name longs are working out nicely...Cisco, IAC
Corp ( and BT (British Telecom) al continue their upward going to hold on for now, especially since I have hedged
my market risk by shorting S&P, and putting on some bearish DOW option
trades out to December.

Any thoughts of other good trades out there appreciated.


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