Thursday, October 26, 2006

Taking profits on half my BT position:

Sold half of my BT long...sold £100/penny with the equity around 280p (got paid 281.4 on the Dec future). Stock has had a VERY good run, and I'm happy taking my money partly off the table here. I'll have a good think about the rest of it.
Think stock could reach 320p in the near future, if BT profits rise nicely, and their expansion strategy becomes liked by the market so allowing an expansion of the P/E multiple. However I also think the fundamentals of the stock are relatively unloved, so if the market were to turn it could give up a fair bit of the gains.
Still long Pipex also, so have UK IT/Telco exposure still. If Pipex got up to around 13 I'd probably take my profits. This is a company with HUGE upside, see some of my earlier posts on it. Wi-Max Wi-Max Wi-Max, it is the future.


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