Monday, March 20, 2006

Year to Date P+L ~ £10,400

Current PROFIT this year is about ~£10,400 (I need to check the level
some of my trades rolled at, eg. if I had a March contract, my
spreadbetting company automatically rolled it into June contracts when
it expired).

Highlights are:

UP £3,400 on GBP versus USD in FX (outright and options)
UP £3,000 on BT stock
UP £1,700 from being short Treasuries (10y and 30y)
UP £1,000 on Cisco Systems stock
UP £800 on IAC Corp (
UP £500 on EUR vs GBP in FX (outright and options)
UP £450 on long GOLD
UP £375 on Dec '06 Short Sterling
UP £300 on shorting CRUDE OIL
UP £250 on Heinz
UP £200 on S&P call.

DOWN £800 on GM stock
DOWN £700 from shorting DAX outright
DOWN £300 on long DAX/Short FTSE & CAC relative value

I hope you readers are getting involved as well! Every trade, and every
time I've closed them, have been detailed at the time, you can read them
in earlier blogs, I always put the size and the level where I put trades
on. If you haven't joined me yet, my highest conviction trade is the
short GBP trade versus the USD. Don't miss it. See details in my earlier


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